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Dear church family,
As promised, your church leadership is continuing to monitor COVID-19 information from the news and civil agencies.  We are striving to strike an appropriate balance between loving concern for the physical health of others and our desire to assemble for worship per the scriptures.  We trust in the Lord for safe travel, but we still buckle our seat belt.
Recent briefings from health officials stated:
– Infected individuals can be contagious for several days before experiencing symptoms.
– Airborne transfer of the virus is a greater concern than transfer from surfaces.
  (We can disinfect surfaces.  We can cough into our elbow, but we can’t sing into our elbows)
– The federal and state governments have recommended avoiding gatherings of ten or more people for the next fifteen days.
Therefore, all church services are cancelled through the end of March.
However,  the church is not idle.
– The church has reached out to all of our widows and widowers with offers of assistance.
– The church is determining if we can assist our local school districts in getting school lunches to those in need.
– The church is investigating ministry opportunities in Glen Rock borough.
– Before Sunday, the church will receive recommendations for home devotionals.
Please notify the church office if you have been exposed to, tested for, or have COVID-19. We do need to keep the congregation and House of Hope informed.
Watch for opportunities to serve others in the name of God.  Be quick to lend a helping hand within the church and our community.
Pray the virus will subside soon.
Do not be afraid, Jesus will calm this storm, too.
In His service,
    Allen and Dave

Schedule of Services

All services at the building have been cancelled until further notice.